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Civil War Life - Live Action Films and Documentaries
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Product Information

  • Civil War Life – Shot to Pieces The life and Civil War experiences of one amazing man whose determination to triumph in battle is second only to his love of his men, his friends and his family. Admired by both Union and Confederate soldiers, he falls victim again and again to confederate rifle and cannon fire, but keeps going until finally captured at the Battle of the Crater.
  • Civil War Minutes – Confederate Little known facts and stories about major Confederate players in the Civil War. Why few wartime photographs exist of General Robert E. Lee; an eyewitness account of J.E.B. Stuart’s death; General John Morgan’s Raiders end up in a Pittsburgh jail; both Union and Confederate soldiers fight with Confederate General John Chambliss’ sword; and General Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson earns his nickname. And much more!
  • Civil War Life – LEFT FOR DEAD – Going far beyond the typical documentary, Left for Dead features live action battles and Civil War events including the burning of Atlanta and General Sherman’s march to the sea. Many battle sequences recreated from Oscar Jackson’s diary entries in his book, “The Colonel’s Diary”.
  • Civil War Minutes – Union  Day-to-day reality for those that lived, loved, fought and died for their cause. Personal journal entries and letters to home reveal the experience of the everyday soldier – capturing the volatile emotion of the time.
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